• Forging strategic partnerships with seniors organizations, nursing homes, private veterinarians, veterinary associations, animal control agencies, traditional shelters, shelter auxiliaries, no-kill organizations, breed and feral cat rescue groups and a multimedia campaign (public service announcements and interviews for print, radio, television and internet).  
  • Exploring the establishment of pet food banks, and the provision of pet sitting and walking, veterinary and pet visitation services for seniors.  
  • Helping to resolve landlord tenant conflicts so that the elderly are not forced to give up their beloved pets or their homes.  
  • Continuing to provide a system of loans and grants to help pay for food, routine and emergency veterinary medical care for pets belonging to elderly people.  
  • Developing the Guardian Angel for Animals program to care for pets once people are no longer able to do so, and make provisions for the care of their pets once they pass away.  
  • Providing pet loss counselling services when a pet has died.

Working across the street and across the country, The Humane Society of Canada is the only organization of its kind helping companion animals, horses and farm animals, lab animals, wildlife and the environment.  A registered charity we rely entirely on the goodwill and donations of our supporters.  Caring people like you.

For the elderly, their pets are often their only companions in an otherwise lonely existence.  If you have ever felt the nudge of a cold nose, listened to a contented purr, or felt the warm beat of their hearts, you know exactly what I am talking about.  Scientific studies show us what we already know. Living with our pets helps us cope with a wide range of social and health benefits. Encouraging everyone to adopt from animal rescue groups and shelters means more permanent loving homes which is especially true in the case of seniors.

In these tough economic times, many seniors have great difficulty in coming up with the badly needed funds to provide routine, emergency and critical care for their beloved animal companions.  Many elderly without the means to do so, allow their pets to suffer or make the gut wrenching decision to put them to sleep, a terrible tragedy that we can all help prevent.

Right now, I have dozens of requests on my desk from the elderly asking us for help.  Our special nationwide Silver Paws Program helps us bring hope to them and their cherished animal family members.  

Help us bring hope to animals and those who care about them.

On behalf of the animals, thank you for your kindness and generosity,

Michael O'Sullivan
Chairman & CEO